Isle of the Lion Lord is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Isle of the Lion Lord
Sources: Under Skull Mountain 3
Exits: Hills of the Warrior 1, Elsewhere 8
Theme: Island
Helmets: Iron Knight Helmet(4) Maniaxe Helmet(1) Red Stealth Helmet(4)
Prizes: Island Clock(2) Island Diamond(9)
Enemies: Lion-1(2)
Speed Bonus: 17 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x07
Map Nr: 0x0E
Map Theme: 0x4
Level Size X: 04 screens
Level Size Y: 04 screens
Grid Size: 4480 squares


As soon as you start the level, Simba will come and claim the throne. Get rid of him or escape through the hole on your left; go to the right in the cave until you reach the bottom right corner of the level. Then climb back to the surface and reach a long steel platform where you will meet evil uncle Scar. Run to the left and you will find the flag.

There are lots of helmets around, so you should not have any health problem, despite the toughness of your rivals.


  • Shortcut: wearing Red Stealth, and with a little practice you can reach the flag from near the startpoint.


Main article: Bridge
From this level you can take a great shortcut to Elsewhere 8 in the next stage, in the vicinity of Pyramids of Peril. The invisible teleporter is very hard to reveal, unless wearing Cyclone from Elsewhere 1 (and you will have proved an extraordinary attachment to it). It is located one unit away from the left border of the level, past the flag. Also, since you've managed to take Cyclone this far unscathed, you'll probably want to have gathered up at least 50 crystals. They come in handy here...raining down upon the Lions lurking about. If you don't, you're taking a big chance that you won't get clobbered by any of the wayward blobs of magic the Lions have unleashed. There's nothing worse than taking Cyclone all the way here, only to lose him. Doh! However, if you have a lot of skill you will realize it is possible to reveal the telporter with any character, but could only be reached with a skillful jump from Red Stealth, or the Kid's ledge grab.
Isle of the Lion Lord Berzerker Reveals Telepad

Berzerker does things HIS way!

A unique (and possibly easier) way to do this can be accomplished if you've managed to keep a Berzerker helmet from Under Skull Mountain 3. You need to go near the upper-right corner of the level, on the right side of the mini wall of Steel Blocks, so you will be separated from the Lion. Now, run left to the wall of Steel Blocks, and perform a crouching charge, so that you only Steelswipe one block instead of two (otherwise it will not work). The block will travel through and disintegrate the annoying Lion (Yay!), while traveling all the way to the left margin of the level. Next, jump onto that Steel block; while standing halfway off of it, jump up, and the telepad will be revealed two blocks above your head. Voilà! Now there's no difficulty getting to the teleporter, and no need for skillful jumping!


  • This level marks the first appearance of the Lions.

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