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Kid JP Manual

JP Manual Illustration

Kid Chameleon, or just Kid, is the playable character of the video game carrying his name. You start the game as Kid, and transform back to him every time you lose all your hitpoints for your current helmet or restart the level after a fatal accident (such as leaping into the void).


Kid Chameleon
AKA: Kid, The Kid, The Fonz, The Nerd, D'oh-not-you-again, I-Hate-This-Guy...He-Sucks, No my Cyclone! Casey (according the folks over at Wikipedia), Kevin Casey, Casey Kevin
Special Abilities:
  • Grab edge: when you are close to an edge, press JUMP again to grab the edge and somersault up.
Diamond Powers:
  • Circle of Doom (20 diamonds — a shield of diamonds which hurt enemies that touch it)
  • Diamond Snake (50 diamonds — a snake of diamonds seek out and hurt enemies on the screen).
  • Slightly above average jumping height and breadth due to his grab edge ability.
  • No offensive power, fewer hit points.

Technical Stats Edit

Show Technical Stats
Note: Length values are reported in units of pixels:subpixels (1 subpixel = 1/256 pixels)

Time values are reported in units of frames (1 frame = 1/60 seconds)

Stand Duck
Graphical 20:0 x 32:0 36:0 x 16:0
Physical 11:? x 31:0 32:? x 15:0
Jump Heights
Stand Walk Run Bounce Bounce (Idle)
Max Standard Surface 70:32 88:120 103:159
Min Standard Surface 36:32 45:108 53:19
Max Rubber Surface 70:32 83:175 93:99 252:0
Min Rubber Surface 36:32 42:249 47:228
Ledge Grab Displacement
X 10:0
Y 3:? - 21:?
Maximum Horizontal Speeds
Crawl Walk Run Uphill (Walk) Uphill (Run) Downhill (Idle) Downhill (Walk) Downhill (Run)
Standard Surface 1:0 2:0 3:128 0:128 1:0 0:128 1:128 3:0
Air N/A 2:160 2:160 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rubber 0:128 1:128 2:128 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ice 1:128 4:0 7:0 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vertical Speeds
Initial Jump Maximum Fall
Standard Surface 5:32 8:0
Horizontal Accelerations
Crawl Walk Run Idle (Crawl) Idle (Stand) Turning (Crawl) Turning (Walk) Turning (Run)
Standard Surface 0:16 0:16 0:28 -0:24 -0:40 -0:64 -0:48 -0:48
Air (c = <2:96) N/A 0:43 0:64.5 N/A -0:4 N/A -0:43 -0:64.5
Air (c = 2:96+) N/A -0:1 -0:1 N/A -0:4 N/A -0:43 -0:64.5
Rubber 0:32 [right]

0:128 [left]

0:32 0:56 -0:48 -0:80 -0:128 -0:96 -0:96
Ice 0:2 0:2 0:3.5 -0:1 -0:1 -0:8 -0:6.5 -0:6.5
Standard to Rubber -0:16 -0:80 -1:0
Standard to Uphill N/A -0:64 -0:64
Vertical Accelerations
Jump Gravity
Air Instant 0:64


Kid appears as a guy in jeans, white T-shirt, and sunglasses. He also has a radical leather jacket on the cover art, which he throws off in the intro.


The Kid has no crazy powers. Not only does this lack of extras grants him the title of weakest playable character in the game, but he also is at disadvantage because of his fewer hit points (2, wherease most forms bear 3 hits). So the Kid's most defining trait is his need to pick up helmets and transform into other characters (netting him the nickname Chameleon). After losing all your hit points when wearing a helmet, you revert to the Kid form, with 2 hit points. Additionally, you briefly transform back to the Kid while changing helmets. All action in the game freezes during transformations.

Kid's only exclusive ability is to grab onto ledges and swing up on them, increasing his vertical range by one unit and giving a second chance in case of a miffed jump, as well as to avoid taking damage from overjumping into ceiling spikes in some cases. This has the added and completely illogical side-effect of briefly stopping the murder wall if the level has one.


Kid is the standard character and can thus appear anywhere in the game.


  • The 50 diamond power for the Kid (Diamond Snake) resembles Reimu's bullets while focusing in Full Power Mode in the game Perfect Cherry Blossom.

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