"I killed Mufasa! Ha ha ha!" Chill out, Scar. Hakuna matata, brother.

Lions are the biggest and toughest common enemies in Kid Chameleon (excluding bosses).


Lion pic

Photo shot during a safari around Lion's Den.

Lion set
Lions (AKA Lion King, Simba, Mufasa) are three-block high, three-block wide, huge-headed, despotic monarchs reigning in some levels. They occur only in three rounds (see below), and in all three of them they are the only enemy to be found.

Lions come in three different colored versions:

  • Orange haired Lions take six hits to die.
  • Grey haired Lions take six hits to die.
  • Black haired Lions take eight hits to die.


Lions can walk pretty fast in a completely random mood. They may fall down a step or a pit, but they can't jump nor climb back up.


Apart from the big threat they already involve, Lions use their scepter as a weapon. Before attacking, they will stand still for a moment, holding the scepter high. (Thats probably your cue to damage him or split.) Then the green glowing gem in the scepter is thrown at great speed and remains buzzing around your character like a homing missile. This gem can do much damage, since it is like a bullet that can actually pierce through you as many times as it wishes; on the other hand, it can be stomped out.

Scepter gems bear only one hit.


Most of the times, lions are not worth the effort of axing them to death, specially in later levels where they are respawned very easily. However, if you are passing through, and one seems ready to launch his gem at you, causing him damage will make him change his mind for a few seconds, allowing you to leave him behind without his gem coming with.


  • It's the only enemy with the highest number of hits (8 for the black-haired ones, also known as The Caged Beasts).
  • Similar to the Robot & UFO levels, Lions are the only enemies around on their levels due to the size of their graphics, therefore, when the game loads them, there is not enough place to insert other enemy types.


Lions are encountered in the following levels:

Lion-1 Lion-3 Lion-2
Isle of the Lion Lord Lion's Den The Caged Beasts