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Kid Chameleon

Welcome to Kid Chameleon Wiki
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Big News

Check back later for updates on what the community will be doing in honor of Kid Chameleon's 25th anniversary, happening on May 28, 2017!

Featured Level

Isle of the Lion Lord the first boss in Kid Chameleon, that's what i thought 20 years ago, seem silly now. XD

Isle of the Lion Lord another famous level for it's secret teleport which brings you to Elsewhere 8. The portal is hidden on default same as hidden blocks you need to shams your head from underneath to reveal it's location. For more then 20 years everyone thought that it was only possible by using the Cyclone transformation. But recently TheWinslinator figured out it's also possible by using the Berzerker transformation. It's only a little tricky because there are no Berzerker Helmets located in this level.

The 2 Lions can be really annoying, right from the start the first Lion charge you and start shooting bouncing lightning bolts. These are the ones that get you killed, the best way to deal with that is to take them down. Unfortunately they have 6 hit points each, so you better be careful or be quick!
Isle of the Lion Lord Berzerker Reveals Telepad

That's how Wins rolls.


See Archive.

Featured Project

Iron Outpost - 3

Heady Metal's Revenge AKA HMR

  • Designer: Drios1
  • Version: 1.3
  • Difficulty (1/10): 5
  • Time spent: 20+ Hours

Drios1 the newest member of the project page, who enters big with his first project Heady Metal's Revenge. In this project your going to see everything you would expect from an experience K-E user. A well thought out level design with in some some glimpse from the original level. These level can be quite challenging from time to time, but yeah. What would you else expect from a Kid Chameleon gamer. Despite the difficulty he is really fair with prices Ankhs, Coins and Diamonds with that you will get enough change to calmly explore each level to find more secret prizes. As form a new comer i am surprised to see there's also done Hex editing level names, type of enemies, new color palette's. Maybe one interesting thing to point out is, he is also using the unknown City theme which is in the ROM but never used in the original game. The last one new color palette's is something that really stands out on these projects, it always give you such cool gaming experience walking through these new levels. Now i haven't been playing this project that much, but i already have pretty good inside of what this project is going to be. A serious project with a good challenge from time to time. It's definitely something i would recommend to any Kid Chameleon gamer.

Download this patch. How to patch a ROM?

Agony Hike - 8 Wildside Woods 1 - 1
Agony Hike Whildeside Woods 1
Agony Caldera 1 - 3
Agony Caldera 1

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Wiki News

November 2013
Check out this beautiful art made by Mike.
August 2013
New bookmark icon, a prize block.
New Main-Page replaced whole layout.
There's a new forum for all your discussions.
Haagnus is promoted to administrator.
July 2013
The whole music list has been updated and available to download.
June 2013
An new section for K-E users where they can share there edited maps Projects.

News archive.

Monthly Poll

What is your preferred way to beat Kid Chameleon?

The poll was created at 01:27 on January 18, 2017, and so far 13 people voted.

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Poll Archive.

Random Image

Rush Hour

Rush Hour level pic.

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