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Maniaxe is one of the playable characters —actually, one of the forms that the only playable character can take— in the platform videogame Kid Chameleon. An obvious homage to the hero of the Splatterhouse videogame series, Rick Taylor, he is an axe-wielding psychopathic maniac with a hockey mask reminiscent of Friday the 13th movies.


AKA: Jason, Axemania, Rick Taylor, Jason Voorhees, Splatter, Boom-chucka-wah-wah, Hockey Player
Special Abilities:
  • Throw axes at anything that moves
  • .
Diamond Powers:
  • Diamond Ring (20 diamonds)
  • Extra Life (50 diamonds)
  • Most recommended for monster-swarming levels.
  • Slow n' dumb. Slides down ramps.


Helmet maniaxe
Intro Maniaxe

Green ripped trousers and shirt and a hockey mask, exactly like the Splatterhouse games hero. It should be noted that some media including the Kid as Maniaxe wrongly depicts him as bald. But in the game, it can be seen that he has the same hair as the Kid.


Maniaxe's speciality is death. He throws axes and he has an endless amount of them.


Maniaxe can jump up to 6 blocks in height. He's not very agile, and has no particular ability to help him deal with terrain obstacles,but having the chance to kill any cause of hurry somehow pays for it - if the area is heavily populated with enemies, Maniaxe is a fine choice, and especially if there are enemies who cannot be killed by jumping upon them, such as Crystals and Fire Demons. Maniaxe is also an ideal character to have in boss fights.

Like Red Stealth and Eyeclops, Maniaxe can't walk nor run up or down ramps; he'll just slide down.


Maniaxe axes

Incoming axe storm for Shishkaboss!

Axes are thrown by pressing the SPECIAL button, either while standing or jumping (not walking or ducking). There's no explaining where does Maniaxe keep them, but he can bring a swirling blade storm over the meanies before they have time to say Mini Hopping Skull. Axes fly horizontally and continuously until they hit something.

Maniaxe's normal rate of fire is 3.33 axes/second, if you manage to press the button that fast. When you land from a jump, the timer until next axe is reset and you can sometimes throw the next axe earlier. By jumping and landing often, such as when standing in a cramped corridor, it is possible to increase the maximum rate of fire to a whopping 12 axes/second.

The only enemies who resist axe attacks are Ninjas, who will block any physical attack against them, and Crabs who will defend themselves if they are close to you. At longer range, the axes will kill the crab.


An axe's resultant velocity is determined by the addition of it's standard velocity vector with Maniaxe's velocity vector. With this in mind, some interesting results can be achieved, such as an axe with zero horizontal speed!


Maniaxe masks can be found in the following levels:

Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

Stage 4Edit

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