Monster Island is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Monster Island
Sources: Hills of Forever, Elsewhere 24, Elsewhere 26
Exits: Ice God's Vengeance, Elsewhere 26
Theme: Island
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(1) Berzerker Helmet(1) Cyclone Helmet(1) Maniaxe Helmet(1) Juggernaut Helmet(3) Skycutter Helmet(1)
Prizes: Island Ankh(2) Island Clock(2) Island Diamond(52) Island 10Diamonds(6)
Enemies: Emo-Rock-3(6) Ninja-2(8) Mini-Hopping-Skull-2(8)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x45
Map Nr: 0x11
Map Theme: 0x4
Level Size X: 0E screens
Level Size Y: 02 screens
Grid Size: 7840 squares


This is a pretty long endurance level, with as the name suggests plenty of monsters.

At the end there are two teleporters. If you choose the wrong one, you have to play Elsewhere 26, and then this level again.

There is a Juggernaut parked right at the start. It is very recommended to bring it along for a ride. Plenty of skulls drop from the ceiling everywhere - both the big and small variety. The most evil one is placed so it hits you right in the face just as you need to jump over a ninja.

There is a Maniaxe helmet which you can reach by the help of some rubber bouncing. It is located in the open area after a few shooter block chain reactions. At the end of the same area, Berzerker and Eyeclops are in two prize block next to a few wooden crates.

After a section of ninjas and more hysterically laughing heads, you will find a platform moving up, and there a Skycutter helmet. You must take it, since the next part requires some flying. Switch between ceiling and floor to avoid the drills. Activate the walls of spikes at the end and avoid the ones coming back.

And for the sake of all that is holy, take the teleporter on the right hand side so you don't have to play this level again.



  • There is one in the first Prize block you come across in the first cavern.
  • Another is in the left prize block in the second group of them just past the rubber/shooter block gauntlet you run through.


  • At the beginning of the level, there is one in the leftmost Prize block next to the one with the Juggernaut helmet.
  • There are three hidden Prize blocks containing 10-Diamond Bonuses on the ceiling right over the last stretch of rubber blocks in the rubber/shooter block gauntlet you pass through just after the first cave near the beginning of the level.
  • Another hides in the right-hand Prize block in the first set of said blocks, which also contains the Maniaxe helmet.
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