Ninjas are a type of enemy in Kid Chameleon.



His Kung-Fu is good!

Ninjas come in two different colors; blue and orange.

Behavior Edit

Ninjas are difficult to kill enemies in Kid Chameleon. They block most attacks directed at them with their sais, and will not take damage from being jumped on. They'll also jump over a Berserker charge if they can.


If you really want to kill them, diamond powers will do the job, or perhaps lure them into a trap of some kind. It is also possible to kill them with Berzerker's charge attack, but takes careful timing. They will jump over your charge if they can. With good timing you can charge, trick them into jumping, then quickly turn around and nail them with another charge as they're landing behind you. If you use an axe from even one block above its feet, it will block your attack, unless you are almost a screen away from them. Juggernaught is reccomended. They will also not block your jumps from the very far left or right edges of their sprite.


Ninjas are encountered in the following levels:

Ninja-1 Ninja-2 Ninja-3
Elsewhere 14 Elsewhere 29 Never used in game!
Forced Entry Monster Island
The Land Below


  • A colission glitch causes a weird behavior on Ninjas whenever they come into contact with a celling during their jump; their frame frozens and they temporary "fly" until the end of the celling, being even able to pass through walls. Once there's no more celling, they drop down and return to their regular behavior.
    • Note that this is only possible by manipulating the level design as Ninjas are placed too far from the celling on the original levels, which hints the developers were aware of this glitch.
      Ninja bug

      This bug is only seen in edited games.