Options menu
The options screen of Kid Chameleon allows you to change several aspects of the game's control scheme. The same music as the one used for the City theme plays in the background.

It takes place on the empty holodeck, where you select your options from a projector screen. Also on the screen we make our first glimpse of Heady Metal, peering menacingly at his next captive!

Unlike many other games developed by the Sega Technical Institute, there are no known cheats that can be executed from this screen.

2 Players Edit

For Start Two mode only. Decides whether the second player will use the same controller as player 1, or use a separate one.

Controls Edit

Choose one of six different button combinations to decide whether the A, B, or C buttons will change speed, jump, or execute a helmet's special ability.

Speed Button Edit

Decides whether you walk or run by default. Pressing the Speed button will do the opposite.

No matter the option chosen here, diamond powers still require pressing A + Start to be activated.

Exit Edit

Save changes and go back to the title screen. Pressing the "Start" button under any of the options will also exit.

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