Orca is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Frozen Orca

Frozen fish?

Orcas are large bipedal sea mammals with sharp teeth, a large black fin on their back, and a grumpy demeanour. Some unfortunate Orcas have been frozen solid in the scenery of Ice-based levels.


Orcas are slow moving enemies that will constantly walk until they hit an obstacle, and not on ledges.


These enemies only have one attack, and that is a diving bite. if you get close enough, they dive after you and try to bite you while diving.


Remember that Orcas will charge and jump if you get close. If they are about to charge, get in a position where they will jump over you. Trying to jump over it can often result in a mid-air collision, which you will lose. Maniaxe can be used to kill from a safe distance.


Orcas are encountered in the following levels:

Elsewhere 18
Elsewhere 27
Coral Blade Grotto
The Final Marathon
Towers of Blood
Whale Grotto


  • Orcas are the only enemy in the game that have only one color pallete (excluding bosses).
  • Orcas do not appear in Stage 1 and Stage 3.

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