Robot are one of the less common enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Robots always appear with their best friend, UFO. It has a strange gun with him, so it can shoot at you when you're around (ducking could save your skin).

It comes in two different colors, orange and green, and you'll have to hit it twice to make it harmless, no matter of its color.


Robots walk ahead shooting periodically, and turn around when they hit an obstacle or on ledges.

Their movements are faster on Stage 4 levels, though their first appearance is in Stage 3.

The later versions of the Robot can turn around to shoot behind them if you're in that direction, though they'll keep walking away from you.


They shoot to you a kind of purple bullet making an unmistakable alien sound that could scare you. Yes it could, it scared me when I was younger.


Hate them... so vile, so scary...! Jump on them, throw them axes, charge them, fire them... you only have to choose how to make them explode!


Robots are encountered in the following levels:

Robot-3 Robot-1 Robot-2
Never used in game! Alien Twilight Alien Isle
The Crypt The Cliffs of Illusion
Woods of Despair 2


Robot is an enemy affected by a bug I think you won't experiment...

When you kill a Robot, it is still present in the game, but doesn't shoot or hit you anymore. However, if you hit it breaking an ice block or shooter block when it's dead, it will revive, but cannot die again. In other words, it will transform into a death machine, shooting and running faster, much faster then before...

Woods of Despair 2 is the best level to try this bug, but I'm sure you won't try it... will you?