I'd like to see a meerkat deal with THIS!

Scorpion is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Scorpions are large, bipedal arachnids with vice-like claws and sharp, possibly poisonous, stingers.


They run around at various speeds, falling off platforms and turning around once a collision has been reached; just like Dragons.


There are two types of scorpions. Scorpions located in Hoverboard BeachScorpion Isle, and Elsewhere 25 are considered the "advanced" type, and will use their stinger to attack you if you get too close, which is a fairly short-ranged attack. However, scorpions located in The Valley of LifeElsewhere 24, and The Land Below below will not, hence their title as the "easy" scorpion type.

The stinger is a non-jumpable area, and you will take damage if you land on it. The scorpion can only be damaged on the head. If you do manage to bounce on its head, the scorpion will attack with its stinger (because you are close), covering the head for a while.

Axes or skull bombs are the easiest way to take out a scorpion. Red Stealth's sword is not recommended. A Berserker charge will kill it, only if you are in one of the levels listed above, where the scorpions do not use their stinger. However, if you are in a level where they do use their stinger, upon charging them, you will simply bounce backward in front of the scorpion, without hurting it and leaving yourself open to attack. For these circumstances, Berserker does have a way of reliably killing a Scorpion: a crawling charge. Charge at the Scorpion normally, and just before you hit it, hit the crawl button while still pushing forwards. Time this right and you'll kill the Scorpion without being hit in return.


Avoid them if you can and don't risk jumping on them. Red Stealths sword attack can hit them when they get close, but mind their stinger. Maniaxe will also do a good job of taking care of them. (You can, however, jump on them and avoid taking damage if you land directly on the head of the Scorpion)

Beware of what kind of scorpions you are dealing with. If you are dealing with the "advanced" scorpions, keep in mind that they generally have four hit-points, while the "easy" scorpions only have three.


Scorpions are encountered in the following levels:

Scorpion-1 Scorpion-3 Scorpion-2
Hoverboard Beach The Land Below Scorpion Isle
The Valley of Life Elsewhere 25
Elsewhere 24