Kid Chameleon: Appson Aid Edit


Kid Chameleon: Appson Aid is a mod created by Sen7. Unlike the original game, Appson Aid uses a hub world where all levels branch off from there. As of now, the mod is unfinished and only contains the first hub world.

Download Edit

Version 1 - 22/03/17

Story Edit


Many years after the Wildside Incident, Appson released there new product called Appson Aid. This was a personal assistant which could not only handle day to day tasks, but was also capable of thinking, having a personality and working of its own accord. It's AI was called The Appson Assistant and was based on Wilside technology. However, things soon started to go wrong. Only one kid's son can put a stop to the rogue Appson Assistant.

Levels Edit

The Appson Hub 1

  • The Training of the Kid 1
  • The Training of the Kid 2
  • A Forgotten Past
  • The Tar Pits
  • Luna Caverns
  • A Glimmering Future
  • Elsewhere 1
  • Highway to Hell
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • The Appson Firewall 1
  • BOSS - Hazard Containment 1

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