Sinister Sewers is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Sinister Sewers
Sources: Windy City
Exits: The Crystal Crags 1
Theme: City
Helmets: Micromax Helmet(4) Red Stealth Helmet(1)
Prizes: City Ankh(1) City Clock(1) City Diamond(21) City Coin(1)
Enemies: Tar-Monster-1(7) Fireball-1(3) Tornado-1(6)
Speed Bonus: 28 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x0B
Map Nr: 0x1D
Map Theme: 0xA
Level Size X: 07 screens
Level Size Y: 04 screens
Grid Size: 7840 squares


As soon as you start, jump up to reveal a Prize block that will give you your first Micromax helmet and prevent the Fireball from reaching you. Now, proceed to cruise the whole level to the right bottom corner, keeping in mind that there is no solid ground anywhere at the bottom.

The safest path is leaping across the highest ledges, so that you have somewhere to land on if you should fall, reach the right end and then descend to the flag. In the lowest area there are no ledges — just vertical pipes that one can still leap onto and are quite easy to handle for Micromax. All static platforms found along the way will fall or raise on touch.

Micromax spares can be found below the start point, on the left side of the level, and another one above a triple ice platform. Red Stealth is found in a solitary prize block above one of the top ledges. Look for a column of three prizes; the top one contains an ankh.


Check the ledge above the one where the ankh is. The prize block there contains a diamond; reveal an invisible one on top of the first to find a coin. The coin is extremely difficult to reach with Minimax, so it is recommended to be Red Stealth, because of his superior jumping abilities.


  • Two new enemies await you here: Fireballs and Tornados (though the Fireballs can be seen before outside the main path in Elsewhere 2).
  • There's a bug in the trap platforms of this level, If many of this platforms "lift" some are stuck or jammed in the first part of the level, this is probably a bug of the trap platforms that happens when they fly out of the level.
SS platform glitch
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