This page is dedicated to the previous and recent projects of Kid Chameleon created by user Skar800.

Virtual PandemicEdit

This is Virtual Pandemic, Return to Wildside's successor and my current project. Unlike the afromentioned hack, there would a balanced difficult within the levels, just like the original game, though secret detours may be tougher than the regular levels. Also, the routes will be designed in order that everyone could achieve speedrun records, not just the best skilled people here. As an extra, I'll reuse some small elements from Ultimate Kid Chameleon and Return to Wildside.

Virtual Pandemic
Here, I finally decided to release a beta.

Note: Level names aren't changed and they're only playable until "Sinister Sewers", winning that round will lead to a black screen. The same thing will happen when exiting from an Elsewhere accesible from "Hills of the Warrior 2".

And is strongly recommended to run it with Fusion emulator as it works best.

Ultimate Kid Chameleon Edit

UKC All palletes 2

New names of the characters of UKC.

My very first hack of great production and the only one I managed to complete so far. Because I made it four years ago, the editions I made weren't so advanced. However, I believe many will find amusing the new platforms, the new palletes and minor changes about mechanics. Despite it's primitive, don't hesitate into giving this relic a try.Ultimate-Intro
Ultimate Kid Chameleon
Ultimate Kid Chameleon promo
Author editor: Skar800
Current version: 1.0
Difficulty (1/10): 7
Time spent: 20 Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Download: Download
Stage 1
Forest Lake 1 Red XN Forest Lake 2 Red XN Elsewhere 1 Red XN
Dust Mountains 1 Red XN Dust Mountains 2 Red XN Elsewhere 2 Red XN
Valley of Ruins Red XN Elsewhere 3 Red XN Iron Trees Red XN
Elsewhere 4 Red XN Storm Mountain Red XN Boss 1 Red XN
Stage 2
Terror City Red XN Elsewhere 5 Red XN Evil Isle 1 Red XN
Evil Isle 2 Red XN Forgotten Tombs Red XN Elsewhere 6 Red XN
Prison Island Red XN Beneath the Cave 1 Red XN Elsewhere 7 Red XN
Beneath the Cave 2 Red XN Goat's Mountain Red XN Robot's Beach Red XN
Nightmare Arena Red XN
Stage 3
Deadreef Red XN Elsewhere 8 Red XN Sky City Red XN
Elsewhere 9 Red XN Nexus Mountain Red XN Alien Isle Red XN
Climbing the Hills Red XN The Cliffs of Illusion Red XN Predators Isle Red XN
Frozen Peaks 1 Red XN Frozen Peaks 2 Red XN Storm Garden Red XN
Elsewhere 10 Red XN Elsewhere 11 Red XN Elsewhere 12 Red XN
Final Chase Red XN The Final Marathon Red XN Plethora Red XN


Haagnus If your an average gamer i recommend you to start with Ultimate Kid Chameleon. This is a fun and not too difficult project. Though there are some tough situations but these are good for practicing XD. Beside the change made with K-E it contains a lot of additional changes such as new: titles, music, enemies, backgrounds, color palette. These additional changes don't come easy, so i am excited to see this. Rating (8/10) on Version (1.0) --Haagnus (talk) 17:34, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Skarloey LevelEdit

Skarloey Levels


The "Skarloey Levels" are a series of single levels I made for having fun. Aditionally, I made them to test enemy alterations. There are only 4 individual ips patches. They don't require for anyone to have extraordinary skills in order to beat them, so you lose nothing with trying each one.

Level 1: [1]

Level 2: [2]

Level 3: [3]

Unnamed Level: [4]

Closed Projects Edit

Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside Edit

This is a recent new project called Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside aka KCRtW, I started this project 12/14/13 and finish the first stage 01/10/14. I'm glad to announce that this project have a lot of changes and fixed something that you can see in the previous project called "Ultimate Kid Chameleon" or "UKC". As can be see in UKC, many levels have truly, the same desing of the original levels, but hopefully this will not happen again in this project. Another feature to highlight is that the difficult is more higher than UKC. I'll continue with the Stage 2. I hope that you guys can enjoy this Project.

Special Thanks to Drios1 - for his help with some ideas for Palletes.

Stage 3Edit

  • +23 levels (Stage 3)
  • Both Stage 1 & 2 updated
  • New background, Murder Wall and Snowstorm stuff

And more!

I'd to say this update was a tough job. Since Stage 3 wasn't the main business - there was personal issues plus a lot of work on Stage 1 & 2. So Stage 4 would be next, however, it will take a lot of time sure, perhaps way longer than this cause other business, but anyway, I hope you people enjoy and also, if you wish, leave your review or what do you think about the project here.

Current VersionEdit

-Dear contributors, Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside was officialy closed due to a considerable lack of motivation to continue the last Stage 4 and the old capable K-E version which makes the work go VERY slow. Due to the big time-consuming it takes make every single level, it's been difficult to focus on both this project and personal matters.

I really apologize for all the people who were expecting this project to be completed, but the lack of ideas, the interference with personal matters and the fact that there's not a new version of K-E weren't really enough to make me abandon this project, until now.

Special Thanks to: Haagnus, Kitchengun, TheWinslinator, Drios1, Tyadran, Mudesi and Saxman727.

Also, Level Select can be accesed by hold press A+START before entering the Options to check the few made Stage 4 levels. Final Boss is also included.


Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside Cast 2

Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside
Kid Chameleon Return to Wildside intro screen
Author editor: Skar800
Current version: 4.0
Difficulty (1/10): 8
Time spent: 17 Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: 4.0 (Closed)
Stage 1
Hunt Preserve 1 Red XN Hunt Preserve 2 Red XN Descending The Hills Red XN
City Hall Red XN Obscure Tunnels Red XN Incahuasi Red XN
Infernal Realm 1 Red XN Infernal Realm 2 Red XN Infernal Realm 3 Red XN
Lion's Empire Red XN Predators Valley 1 Red XN Predators Valley 2 Red XN
Shadow Monts Red XN Storm Over The Lands Red XN Of Predators and Prey*** Red XN
Undead Marsh Red XN Elsewhere 1 Red XN Elsewhere 2 Red XN
Elsewhere 3 Red XN Elsewhere 4 Red XN Elsewhere 5 Red XN
Stage 2
Diamonds Valley Red XN Forest Of Wild Beings Red XN Waterfall's Maze Red XN
Glacial Abyss Red XN Mystic World 1 Red XN Mystic World 2 Red XN
Mystic World 3 Red XN The Living Swamp Red XN Sunsine Beach Red XN
Cursed Icebergs 1 Red XN Cursed Icebergs 2 Red XN Dunes of Chaos Red XN
Apokolips Isle 1 Red XN Apokolips Isle 2 Red XN Mummy Brothers*** Red XN
Abandoned Arctic Shrine Red XN Pits of Evermore Red XN Genocide Center Red XN
Elsewhere 6 Red XN Elsewhere 7 Red XN Elsewhere 8 Red XN
Elsewhere 9 Red XN
Stage 3
Hunting Field 1 Red XN Hunting Field 2 Red XN Kingdom Of Darkness Red XN
Voltage Town Red XN Olympus Rises Red XN The Empire Strikes Back Red XN
Antarctic Gaols Red XN Race Against Death Red XN Deep Bog*** Red XN
Raptor's Land Red XN Bloody Skarlet Red XN Aridon Temple Red XN
Ghost's Mire Red XN The Twilight Zone 1 Red XN The Twilight Zone 2 Red XN
Elsewhere 10 Red XN Elsewhere 11 Red XN Elsewhere 12 Red XN
Elsewhere 13 Red XN Elsewhere 14 Red XN Elsewhere 15 Red XN
Elsewhere 16 Red XN Elsewhere 17 Red XN
Stage 4
Desert Conector Red XN Swamp of Doom Red XN Titan's Runes Red XN
Tremors at Height 1 Red XN Tremors at Height 2 Red XN Woods Corridor Red XN
Monsters Graveyard Red XN E.T Fortress 1 Red XN E.T Fortress 2 Red XN
Cold Warfare 1 Red XN Cold Warfare 2 Red XN Wildside's Endlines Red XN
The Armageddon*** Red XN Dark Permafrost Red XN Mist Thicket Red XN
Phantom Labyrinth Red XN Sand Spire Red XN Azure Ascension Red XN
Cassandra's Palace Red XN Creatures On The Depths Red XN Siege of Fortress Red XN
Spectra Summits 1 Red XN Spectra Summits 2 Red XN The Sky's End Red XN
Elsewhere 18 Red XN Elsewhere 19 Red XN Elsewhere 20 Red XN
Elsewhere 21 Red XN Elsewhere 22 Red XN Elsewhere 23 Red XN
Elsewhere 24 Red XN Elsewhere 25 Red XN Elsewhere 26 Red XN
Elsewhere 27 Red XN Elsewhere 28 Red XN

  • Warning: There is a malfunction on the level "Kingdom of Darkness" from Stage 3, some telepads had wrong-coordinated exits and will take you into a red screen, as a result will crash the game and the only way to get out is by reset.

This will be fixed, however, for the next update 4.0

Kid Chameleon Hard Version Edit

This is a harder version that i work in the Stages 1 and 2 of KC and change the enemies's hit points or change some things.

Kid Chameleon Hard Version
Author editor: Skar800
Current version: 1.0
Difficulty (1/10): 8
Time spent: 15 Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: [5]
Stage 1
Map:0x4A Red XN Map:0x4B Red XN Map:0x2D Red XN
Map:0x2E Red XN Map:0x01 Red XN Map:0x61 Red XN
Map:0x00 Red XN Map:0x02 Red XN Map:0x5E Red XN
Map:0x0E Red XN Map:0x54 Red XN Map:0x56 Red XN
Map:0x18 Red XN Map:0x5F Red XN Map:0x1D Red XN
Map:0x3D Red XN Map:0x37 Red XN Map:0x60 Red XN
Map:0x2C Red XN Map:0x2B Red XN Map:0x55 Red XN
Map:0x30 Red XN Map:0x13 Red XN
Stage 2
Map:0x4C Red XN Map:0x49 Red XN Map:0x5D Red XN
Map:0x14 Red XN Map:0x16 Red XN Map:0x62 Red XN
Map:0x32 Red XN Map:0x0F Red XN Map:0x0B Red XN
Map:0x0C Red XN Map:0x3F Red XN Map:0x64 Red XN
Map:0x40 Red XN Map:0x34 Red XN Map:0x67 Red XN
Map:0x1C Red XN Map:0x47 Red XN Map:0x03 Red XN
Map:0x75 Red XN Map:0x27 Red XN Map:0x21 Red XN
Map:0x0D Red XN Map:0x6E Red XN Map:0x6C Red XN
Stage 3
Map:0x4F Red XN Map:0x4D Red XN Map:0x19 Red XN
Map:0x66 Red XN Map:0x53 Red XN Map:0x6D Red XN
Map:0x04 Red XN Map:0x0A Red XN Map:0x68 Red XN
Map:0x5C Red XN Map:0x25 Red XN Map:0x26 Red XN
Map:0x6F Red XN Map:0x35 Red XN Map:0x3E Red XN
Map:0x36 Red XN Map:0x78 Red XN Map:0x15 Red XN
Map:0x70 Red XN Map:0x2F Red XN Map:0x31 Red XN
Map:0x77 Red XN Map:0x74 Red XN
Stage 4
Map:0x3B Red XN Map:0x63 Red XN Map:0x69 Red XN
Map:0x12 Red XN Map:0x5A Red XN Map:0x65 Red XN
Map:0x22 Red XN Map:0x6B Red XN Map:0x41 Red XN
Map:0x71 Red XN Map:0x17 Red XN Map:0x6A Red XN
Map:0x33 Red XN Map:0x08 Red XN Map:0x4E Red XN
Map:0x58 Red XN Map:0x7D Red XN Map:0x11 Red XN
Map:0x7C Red XN Map:0x7A Red XN Map:0x3A Red XN
Map:0x57 Red XN Map:0x10 Red XN Map:0x59 Red XN
Map:0x7B Red XN Map:0x39 Red XN Map:0x79 Red XN
Map:0x72 Red XN Map:0x38 Red XN Map:0x73 Red XN
Map:0x3C Red XN Map:0x76 Red XN Map:0x05 Red XN

Beta Version: [6]


Haagnus This map should be banned XD. I would give this an difficulty rate a 8 or 9 but when i was past the first level i could enjoy the game. Rating (8/10) on Version (1.0) --Haagnus (talk) 10:35, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

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