Splash Sky

Sky is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x1.


The levels often feature towers built on small floating islands. The background is also rife with these, giving the feeling that the other sky-themed levels are floating around in the background. If you fly high enough, you'll even get a glimpse of some stars or planets.

Dragon imagery is common, such as in the splash screen, and one level which features flying into a big dragon's spike-covered mouth.


Since the levels are often centered around flying, Cyclone helmets are extremely common, at least one being featured in every non-elsewhere level.


Common enemies include flying Dragons, Clouds, and Tornadoes, since these are really the only enemies that pose a threat while you fly. Spheres are another frequent sight.

List of Sky levelsEdit

The following levels carry the Sky theme:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Trivia Edit

  • On the Intro's "It used holograms to create a reality not our own" screen, the dark sky, medium-sized background planet, and foreground block pattern are not featured in any other Sky level in the game.
  • Only the elsewheres of the Sky theme have automatic horizontally scrolling backgrounds, and therefore do not feature stars, planets, or thick clouds.