Sky Fortress is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Sky Fortress
Sky fortress 02
Sources: Elsewhere 30, Elsewhere 31
Exits: The Final Marathon, Elsewhere 31
Theme: Sky
Helmets: Cyclone Helmet(3) Juggernaut Helmet(2) Red Stealth Helmet(2) Skycutter Helmet(3)
Prizes: Sky Ankh(2) Sky Clock(3) Sky Coin(2) Sky Diamond(13) Sky 10Diamonds(4)
Enemies: Drips-2(6) UFO-2(10) UFO-Pilot-2(10)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x48
Map Nr: 0x3C
Map Theme: 0x1
Level Size X: 4 screens
Level Size Y: 5 screens
Grid Size: 5600 squares


The exit is in a metal box on the top left of the level. Fly up there with Cyclone and dodge UFOs. The Juggernaut helmet is hidden one block to the left of the Cyclone block right where you start, but it's useless in this level.

To get to the Elsewhere, fly right, up, right through a secret passage in the wall, and down. Although it's a dead end, it teleports you right near the exit and lets you avoid having to deal with the many annoying UFOs in this level.


  • This is the first and only time that the UFO appears in a level without the Robot.
  • This is the last secret level in Kid Chameleon.
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