Snowstorms are a special "feature" of some levels in Kid Chameleon.

General warningEdit

Snowstorms only happen at select places. In Kid Chameleon, they only appear in two of ten Themes:

All other levels are absolutely snow free, guaranteed. Did you really expect it to snow on the Pyramids of Peril?


Well, guess this wasn't the best day to do some mountaineering, isn't it?

All snowstorm levels have something in common. They start totally innocent like any other Ice or Mountain level. However, after some 15 to 20 seconds, the weather suddenly shifts. All blocks grey out to a certain extent and the sky blackens, while heavy snowfall can be seen in the background.


The main threat, apart from your flashlight's batteries going empty, are the large icy snowballs showering down in the foreground. There doesn't seem to be a fixed pattern, and theoretically they can hurt you anywhere, except in caves and under blocks. Note that they always slightly come from the right side of the screen, so standing directly below a single block won't necessarily have you safe. They will cost you a hit point like any other enemy if they hit you, and they can not be destroyed before hitting either you, a block, or solid ground.

And now, Ken with the weatherEdit

Expect snowstorms in these levels:

None of these, except for the Elsewheres, can be avoided without using a Bridge or even worse things.

Furthermore, The Nightmare Peaks 2 and Elsewheres 6 and 14 only darken, and there won't be hail.


  • The time before a weather type appears will continue on a pause-screen.

Also seeEdit

For other places with some special fun, see: Murder wall

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