Speedrunning is one of the most demanding challenges any Kid Chameleon player could possibly undertake. It is basically an attempt to complete the entire game in the fastest possible time.

Speedrunning RulesEdit

Yes, speedrunning does rule! But I'm talking about the other rules.

  • For real-time speedruns (RTS), time starts when the title screen begins to fade out after selecting "Start One", and ends on the exact frame to which the player touches the flag on Plethora.
  • For tool-assisted speedruns (TAS), time begins at power on, and ends when the last input is made.
  • Any of the game's options, pausing, and restarting rounds are allowed.
  • The Infinite lives glitch is allowed.

Real-Time Speedruns (RTA)Edit

Real-time speedruns are live runs of the game's original state - meaning there were no enhancements done to the run by emulator or video-editing. Only the current skills and knowledge of the player may be used in RTA. To see the leaderboard with all officially verified, video-proven records, visit Kid Chameleon on

4 BossEdit

You must defeat all four bosses for a run to be accepted in this category.

1st. 27:48 by peaches

2nd. 27:49 by TheWinslinator

3rd. 29:34 by Spellzapp

4th. 29:38 by neskamikaze

5th. 30:21 by Chubbus

100K TripEdit

You must take the 100K Trip for a run to be accepted in this category.

1st. 15:39 by peaches

2nd. 15:45 by TheWinslinator

3rd. 16:40 by Spellzapp

4th. 18:07 by Chubbus

5th. 20:21 by BluSlider

Maximum LevelsEdit

For a run in this category to be acceptable, you must visit the maximum number of levels possible in one run, which is 91. This number includes dead-end elsewheres, which were ignored in TheRandomPie_IV's TAS.

1st. 41:51 by TheWinslinator

2nd. 49:01 by Spellzapp


The game can be completed through any means possible, including the Plethora cheat.

1st. 1:31.40 by TheWinslinator

2nd. 1:38.96 by Spellzapp

3rd. 1:40.87 by Chubbus

4th. 1:40.96 by captiongoosebut

5th. 1:41.96 by Kitchengun

Individual LevelsEdit

Listing all Individual Level records on this page or each level's wiki page would only create a huge amount of clutter, so please visit Kid Chameleon Individual Levels on to view those records.

Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TAS)Edit

For information on what a TAS is, visit: Tool-Assisted Speedrun.

100K TripEdit

1st. 12:47.52 by TheRandomPie_IV

2nd. 14:17.63 by Truncated

Maximum LevelsEdit

Completes the game by visiting 85 levels. Does not include any dead-end elsewheres that backtrack to previous levels.

1st. 29:57.7 by TheRandomPie_IV


1st. 1:22.06 by TheWinslinator & TheRandomPie_IV

2nd. 1:35.43 by nifboy

3rd. 1:38.38  by Neofix

4th. 2:01 by Jaderson Barreto Sathler

5th. 2:07 by BlazenPowers

Ultimate Kid Chameleon Edit

3 BossEdit

1st. 19:15 by TheWinslinator

2nd. 1:14:44 by neskamikaze

3rd. 1:29:42 by Jorf

4th. 3:01:40 by Midboss


1st. 1:28.88 by TheWinslinator

Heady Metal's Revenge Edit

Any% Edit

1st. 24:22 by Lord Molyb

2nd. 35:15 by Drios1

4 Boss Edit

1st. 5:06:49 by TheWinslinator

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