Round and Round

Round and round.

The Spinning Twins are bizarre enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Spinning Twins (AKA Dancing yokels, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers, Gemini, Twins) are two enemies which separate after the first attack.

The Twins heads appears as statues in the splash screen and many zones of the Hills levels.

Twins Heads II Twins statues


They dance around in a circle. Once they are separated, they will walk from wall to wall or end to end on the platform they are on.


They don't have an attack. They won't harm you unless if you walk into them while they are together or separated.


A hit to them while they are still together will separate them. It will then take another 1-2 hits to kill one of them (so 2 or 4 all up). The Berzerker's charge can kill them in one hit whilst they are separated.

Generally, jumping on them or Maniaxe's attack on them is the safest way to kill them. Red Stealth's attack is not the best idea on the stronger variety, as it takes 2 hits, and they will just keep on walking. However, if they take one hit  to die, slash away!  Note that slashing them in spinning formation will cost you a hit point absolutely always.

It appears as though they are invincible for the few seconds that they fly backwards after being seperated, and even if you are a charging Berzerker they will hurt you.


Spinning Twins are encountered in the following levels:

Spinning-Twins-1 Spinning-Twins-2 Spinning-Twins-3
Elsewhere 6 Bloody Swamp Never used in game!
The Forbidden Tombs Devil's Marsh 2
The Valley of Life Elsewhere 26
Elsewhere 32