Selecting "Start Two" on the game's title screen will begin Kid Chameleon's two-player mode. Rather than having co-op gameplay, it opts for a more turn-based style like in Super Mario Bros.

Getting Started Edit

Go to the "2 players" section of the Options screen to decide whether both players will use the same controller or a separate one. The default option is one controller.

Before starting, both players should also discuss the rules on using controversial warps or exploits within the game (i.e. Bridges, 100K Trip, Plethora Cheat, Infinite Lives Glitch), so an argument doesn't happen later.

Hit "Start Two" on the title screen to begin. After the letters spelling the name of the level fly in, the game will tell you whose turn it is. Note that sometimes you may accidentally skip past this screen and not know whose turn it is. As a rule of thumb, if the level splash screen came up at all, it's the other player's turn.

Strategy Edit

The game switches turns when one player reaches a flag or dies. Note that taking a telepad or restarting round will not cause a change in turn.

If the goal is to see who can beat the game first, the above information comes in real handy. Advancing levels via telepad whenever possible, and restarting rounds to avoid certain death can lend huge advantages in this respect. Be careful, though, as hitting "Give Up" does count as a death, and will cause a turn switch.

Both players' games are completely independent of each other, meaning there is nothing one player can do to affect the other player's game. For instance, if player 1 collects a life from a certain prize block, there will still be a life there for when player 2 gets to that same block.

Game Over/Beating the Game Edit

When one player gets a game over, that is the end for just that player. The other player will be able to continue their game until they get a game over themselves or beat the game. The continue/game over screen also has additional text that denotes the player.

A player is also allowed to continue even after the other player has beat the game. The credits are identical to the ones featured in the single player mode, with no extra text or screens. Note that the entire credits must play out before the other player may continue.

Exclusive Glitch Edit

Kid Chameleon - Wrong Warp Glitch07:46

Kid Chameleon - Wrong Warp Glitch

Kid Chameleon - Highscoring with Wrong Warps08:48

Kid Chameleon - Highscoring with Wrong Warps

There is also a very complicated wrong warp glitch which can only be performed in 2-player mode. It can be used to get record times in individual levels and higher scores. Video one shows the basic process and explanation, while video two elaborates on highscoring potential.

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