This article is about the enemy. You may be looking for the 'tank' form taken by the Kid; check Juggernaut.

Tanks are common enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Tank set
Tanks look basically like robot heads on caterpillar wheels. They can be heard before being seen by their telltale rumbling sound and the creaky noise that some of them do as they open their mouths.

Tanks come in three colors: dark gray, metallic blue and golden orange. They take two to four hits to die.


Tanks roll on continuously until they hit an obstacle or a gap, then they turn around. They do not 'face' the player intentionally and they just keep throwing attacks rhythmically, not seeming to care if they hit anyone or miss.

Tanks remain still after they're hit for the first time.


All tanks do open their mouths every few seconds; only some of them hide a cannon inside their mouths and shoot a bullet forward every time they do.

Tank bullets cannot be destroyed, and they fly too low to be avoided by ducking.


When hit for the first time (by any means), the tanks' caterpillar tracks get squashed and the tank will remain stopped, though he will still be able to fire. A few more hits will smash it into ruins. Toughest tanks (as those encountered in Beneath the Twisted Hills) take four hits to be killed.

Berzerker cannot charge at tanks; he will just bounce off or take damage from touching them.

Since monsters are respawned very quickly in later levels, sometimes it seems more practical to just make a tank 'sit down' facing a wall than killing him. To do this, just follow its path and make sure you hit it where he cannot bother you anymore (for instance, right before it touches a wall, so that stray bullets will be blocked).

Grey tanks take 2 hits to kill, golden tanks take 3 hits to kill, and blue tanks take 4 hits to kill.


Tanks are encountered in the following levels:

Tank-1 Tank-2 Tank-3
Blue Lake Woods 2 Diamond Edge Dragonspike
Hills of the Warrior 2
The Whispering Woods 1
Woods of Despair 1

Shooting Tanks are encountered in the following levels:

Tank-Shooting-1 Tank-Shooting-2 Tank-Shooting-3
Blue Lake Woods 2 Beneath the Twisted Hills Dragonspike
Highwater Pass 1 Diamond Edge Elsewhere 10
Tunnels Beneath the Woods Elsewhere 16
Windy City Ice God's Vengeance