The Terrain is the static, unmovable ground where your feet are firmly and safely placed. The terrain has different layout according to the theme of the level.

Types of TerrainEdit

Hidden passagesEdit

In some places it's possible to walk behind the terrain, sometimes in the form of pillars, and other times in the form of hidden passages. These hidden passages usually leads to secret places with prizes and / or teleporters to Elsewhere levels. Hidden passages mostly occur in Mountain themed levels.


Each theme (except City) has its own variant of inconveniently placed spikes, which, like other damaging objects, takes one hit point. If you're lucky, it's only a shallow pit which lets you jump out of it. If not, you'll just have to wait for the spikes to eat your hit points, one by one (or just restart the level).

Bottomless PitsEdit

Bottomless pits are holes in the ground with no terrain to stop you from falling out of the level. No matter how many hit points you have, a bottomless pit will take them all. In most Sky themed levels, the whole bottom line of the level is a "bottomless pit".

Bottomless pits also seem to have this strange suction ability, meaning that if just one pixel of your character falls below the bottom boundary, the bottomless pit will just suck your character right off the screen into hell. This is most clearly evident with the flying characters Cyclone and SkyCutter if you fly too close to the bottomless pit.


Lava only occur in Cave themed levels. There are four kinds of lava:

Shallow lava lakesEdit

The shallow lava lakes are lakes of lava which you can walk on, however, with all the pain that would include. They are equal to spikes. The small rivers or waterfalls of lava, which often have geysers coming up from them, could also be counted in this category.

Terrain lava lakes


Deep lava lakesEdit

The little, but significant difference between deep and shallow lava lakes is that deep lava lakes swallow you whole mercilessly. It's just as unpleasant as falling into a bottomless pit.

Terrain lava deep lakes

The best way to beat the cold...


Lava geysersEdit

Lava geysers are pillars of lava shooting up repetitively at certain places. The point is always that you'll have to jump across it when it's down.

Terrain lava geyser


Lava FireballsEdit

Lava fireballs are simply small fireballs that jump vertically out of lava. The lava fireball appears only once in the entire game. In that one appearance, it jumps about eight boxes out of a shallow lava lake every second and spends about two seconds total in the air.

Terrain lava drips


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