The Land Below
The land below
Sources: Alien Isle
Exits: The Final Marathon, Elsewhere 30
Theme: Hills
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(2) Juggernaut Helmet(1) Maniaxe Helmet(1) Skycutter Helmet(4)
Prizes: Hills Ankh(2) Hills Clock(2) Hills Coin(1) Hills Diamond(49) Hills 10Diamonds(2)
Enemies: Ninja-2(4) Hand-2(12) Scorpion-3(5)
Speed Bonus: 68 seconds
Path Bonus: 25,000 points
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x31
Map Nr: 0x59
Map Theme: 0x3
Level Size X: 14 screens
Level Size Y: 01 screens
Grid Size: 5600 squares

The Land Below is a Hills-themed level in Kid Chameleon.


Start out by jumping to grab the Eyeclops helmet that is conveniently (Unlike most levels in Stage 4) next to you.

To your left a ways is a chamber with Skycutter, which is not a good idea at this point. Continue with Eyeclops. Along the way, there are several ninjas. You can go under the small hill with a P-block embedded into it, which contains an ankh. You an also crawl under the next hill to reach the Teleporter, which will take you to the tunnel a bit further into the level.

In the tunnel, there are a few hands, and some very annoying Scorpions. Jump up at the beginning of the tunnel. You will reveal a Juggernaut helmet. After dropping slightly (onto the floor of Ice blocks and Vanishing blocks) jump into the top right corner, just where you fell to reveal a hidden Skycutter Helmet; you'll need it. Carry along the tunnel and jump up, to start the Shooter block. This will destroy the platform, hence why you need Skycutter for speed or to move on the ceiling.

After exiting the tunnel, there are two paths, the top and bottom. Note that if you fall down the first path, you can't get back to the top as there a hidden blocks stopping you from getting back up, unless you anti-gravitise Skycutter. The top path leads to the flag, which takes you to The Final Marathon. The bottom path takes you to a Teleporter, which leads to Elsewhere 30 followed by Sky Fortress, then you'll go to The Final Marathon after that. Both paths have hands, which jump at you even if you are at a far distance. The top path also has included walls of Shooter blocks, which means you will have to sacrifice hit points unless you use a diamond power for invulnerability.

Death TrapsEdit

  • In the chamber with the alternating ice and ghost blocks, there is a Skycutter helmet. If you get this helmet after it falls between the ice blocks, the game tries to expand you into the ice blocks and you die.
The Land Below - Trapped!

Muahaha! No escape this time!

  • In the room with the first teleporter, go all the way to the wall with SkyCutter and crouch to fall through the space between the teleporter and the wall. You will now be stuck in a 2x2 space with absolutely no way out!


  • This level has a different background than the other Hills levels.
  • This is the only level where blue scorpions are encountered.
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