The Whispering Woods 1 is a Woods-themed level in Kid Chameleon

The Whispering Woods 1
Sources: Shishkaboss
Exits: The Whispering Woods 2, Elsewhere 5
Theme: Woods
Helmets: Maniaxe Helmet(1) Red Stealth Helmet(3)
Prizes: Woods Ankh(2) Woods Coin(1) Woods Diamond(83)
Enemies: Armadillo-2(2) Tank-1(6) Mini-Hopping-Skull-1(4)
Speed Bonus: 42 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x11
Map Nr: 0x4C
Map Theme: 0x9
Level Size X: 4 screens
Level Size Y: 6 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares


This level is completely linear. Work your way from above the ground to the well, then traverse the tunnels to the flag, which is found on a platform all the way to the left in the large room with the rubber block floor and prize block ceiling.

If you want to go to Elsewhere 5, a teleporter can be found right above the flag.

You will have to move quickly through this level, as there are no clocks and it is fairly long, with many prizes along the way designed to slow you down, described in the secrets section below.


  • To the right of the well, you’ll find two hidden blocks with diamonds in them. Jump on top of them to reveal another hidden block above them that contains an ankh.
  • As soon as you drop down into the well, you’ll see 5 prize blocks arranged in a descending staircase pattern. Do NOT hit the shooter block on the ceiling to the right of them, because that will trigger a chain reaction to destroy the prize blocks, one of which contains a Red Stealth, one a coin, and one an ankh.
  • In the large room with the prize blocks on the ceiling, the 16th prize block from the very right contains a coin. Every other block in this entire room contains a single diamond.
  • If you want to pass the next level - The Whispering Woods 2 - without doing any work, take the teleporter to Elsewhere 5. Read the walkthrough for that elsewhere for details.


  • Right at the beginning of this stage, you are welcomed by a new enemy: The Armadillo.
  • Inside the ROM there's data of 13 enemies but the last Mini Hopping Skull is never loaded since in the header is assigned to load only 12.

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