The Whispering Woods 2 is a Woods-themed level in Kid Chameleon

The Whispering Woods 2
Sources: The Whispering Woods 1, Elsewhere 5
Exits: Devil's Marsh 1
Theme: Woods
Helmets: Berzerker Helmet(1) Iron Knight Helmet(8)
Prizes: Woods Clock(1) Woods Diamond(35)
Enemies: Armadillo-1(7) Dragon-1(3) Drips-1(3)
Speed Bonus: 84 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x12
Map Nr: 0x49
Map Theme: 0x9
Level Size X: 9 screens
Level Size Y: 3 screens
Grid Size: 7560 squares


This level, just like its previous version (The Whispering Woods 1), is completely linear. Just follow the path all the way around to get to the flag, which they annoyingly put right next to you at the start. Start by climbing out of this valley you started in and get the Tin man costume, descend to the left end of the level, drop down the well, traverse the caves to the right end and emerge again.

When you reach the wall of steel blocks at the end of the tunnels, there are four hidden prize blocks to the left right before the tunnel narrows. One contains a clock, which might come in handy, and one contains a Berzerker helmet, which is absolutely essential to charge through the wall. You are forced to take damage from the shooter blocks here, so it is smarter to take it before you switch helmets. This makes it impossible to get no-hit bonus with this route, unless you have 20-49 diamonds and wish to use them.

The Whispering Woods 2 Teleport


When you reach the valley again from the opposite side, you can get the Iron Knight helmet in the prize block right before the drop, then use him to climb the wall and drop to the flag. If you fall before getting Iron Knight, though, don’t worry: there is a hidden teleporter on the bottom that will take you back to the top. (Of course, if you still have Berzerker, you can just charge through to the flag).

Just like The Whispering Woods 1, this level contains a plethora of prize blocks with nothing but diamonds and Iron Knight helmets (which you’ll need to get through the underground). It is quite long and there is only one clock, and it’s near the end so you’ll have to go quickly.


  • Shortcut: If you were able to keep the Berzerker helmet from Elsewhere 5, then simply charge through the steel block wall, touch the flag and collect a lot of bonuses.
  • Due to the aforementioned shortcut, this level has the fastest potential completion time in the game, which is less than one second!
  • There are more Iron Knight helmets in this level than any other, a total of eight.
  • This level marks the first appearance of disguised Prize blocks.
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