• Hello,

    I am quite new to Kid Chameleon Hacking but I have edited Blue Lake Woods I in K-E and also changed all of the dragons to blue dragon. However once i have put all of this in the rom I just get a black screen once i have pressed Start One of the title screen. What am I doing wrong?

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    • Hello MilkyBarKid!

      Well, change Enemy palletes it's actually pretty easy once you know what you have to do. First you need a Hex editing program, in case you don't have one. Most of us use XVI32 [1], which is an free program.

      Open Blue Lake Woods 1 map (which is 4a.kcm) with XVI32. Scroll down to bottom, where's the Enemy data. "00 0C" means we got Green Dragons, so all we need to do it's replace

      "00" with "40" = "40 0C"

      Editing Enemies

      Every enemy (except Orcas) has three different palletes, as you can see in the Original game. Each one it's represented in this way:

      "00" = First pallete (i.e Green Dragon)

      "40" = Second pallete (Blue Dragon)

      "80" = Thrild pallete (Orange Dragon)

      Then *Save* xvi32, use the "-import" from Kidtool, and vualá! You got Blue Dragons on Blue Lake Woods I

      Let me know if you don't understand something or need further explanation about this.


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    • When I use the -import from Kidtool and then open the rom in Kega Fusion it seems all fine, but when I actualy start the game it just freezes at a black screen.

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    • Hmm well. The black screen issue usually happens because there's no data of the map level when you use Kidtool, so every level map should be there at the moment you import your maps, obviously you got to use it on your user folder, it's the only way "-import" works.

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    • Oh, I didn't realise that you had to do it my user's folder. But it still just gives a black screen. I'm pretty sure all the maps are there because I extracted them straight from the zip that comes with Kid-Edit.

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    • Nevermind, it works now. I didn't realise you need the maps in the same directory as Kidtool which is in my user folder.

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    • Would you be able to explain to me how to modify level names?

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    • Well, I don't have such a great experience on Level naming hacking, but fortunately we got a tutorial for that!

      Once again you need XVI32 for this.

      Actually it isn't that hard but there's specific "values" you got to enter which represent spaces, lines, comas, etc. Otherwise your custom level names will look glitchy.

      Level Naming Tutorial
      *Credits for this tutorial all goes to Tyadran.
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    • Thank you. One more quick question, how would I change a theme's music? For example, I want the unused swamp music to play in the mountain levels. Oh, and also, how would I change the amount of screens in a level? I persume you just edit a value with XVI32 in a .kcm file.

      (P.S Sorry for fireing so many questions at you)

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    • No problem. Alright, to anwser your questions:

      1- Change music it's pretty easy too, all you have to do it's change one value which represents the theme's music, once you change that value it replaces the music on every level. What I mean it's everytime you play Mountain levels there will be the alternate Swamp music, so you cannot change music individualy.

      To get the point, just open your ROM with XVI32 and go to *Address>Goto And type address "012025" this is where Mountain music it's exactly located. You should be stand on value "00" Then overwrite 00 with 4F, that's all you have to do. Then play whatever mountain level and should be hearing another music ;)

      2- Changing screens...*sigh Look, I don't get how it works still, Level sizes are the first data you encounter on maps. One represents how many X horizontal measures and the following one tell us how many Y vertical measures a level. alright?


      The problem is, if you enter whatever value there and save it, then you just cannot open the map and everything mess up unless you change back to the original level size values. However, there's a unique safe way to ensure a level works after modify sizes, which is switch them. For instance, Blue Lake Woods has "0A" horizontal screens and "02" vertical screens. What you can do there it's switch those values, so it will be like "02" horizontal screens and "0A" vertical screens.

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    • Thanks :). Is it possible to change the theme for a map? If I am not misstaken, the theme value for woods is 09, so, is one of the 09 values to Y screens value something to do with the theme?

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    • Oh yeah, it's possible as you can see following "0A 02" you can see there's "09 09" which determinates the Theme and Background theme. So if you change that with "02 02" you got an Ice level. You can also do good or weird combinations like "09 07" so you got a Woods level but with Mountain background.

      It will be cool see the progress you got with levels, are you planning made a custom mod? :)

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    • Thanks for the explanation :)

      Yes, I am making a custom mod. If you are interested, here are some screen shots...


      So far, I have only done Blue Lake Woods I and II (Training of the Kid) and High Water Pass I (The Dawn of Hell). Tomorrow, if school doesn't spring another suprize exam on me or move a deadline that is a week away to the following morning, I should be starting on High Water Pass II (Tower of Medusa) :D

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    • Wooh it looks like some really promising mod, can't wait to see this on action. In case you need more info, tutorials or help with other complicated stuff like platforms please ask on this forum.

      I like that Lyrics blue pallete, I got a similar pallete on my mod, it's awesome.

      Oh yeah, my project is delaying a lot, everything because of High School.


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    • Thanks!

      Would you be able to teach me about platforms and fake steel blocks, please? Also, do you know how I could take a alternate theme, like Alien Twilight's, and put it in another level that uses the main theme, such as Windy City?

      Sorry for the delayed response. School has gave me an exam which actually goes towards my GCSEs on a topic of engineering that we haven't even covered so I have been trying to learn it since Sunday. (I had to miss to whole page because I haden't the slightest clue about what it was about)

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    • Sure, ok platforms are somewhat hard to understand at first because you got to understand how values and definitely don't mess with them! because otherwise platforms usually don't work. There's some tutorials about Platforms hacking but we can say this one shows most of the basic information for hacking platforms:

      Third Platform tutorial

      Of course, there's more stuff than that! you can email me at if you need more info about Platforms.

      And speaking of alternate palletes, it's pretty easy, better and less tiring than platforms haha Just run your ROM on XVI32 and then go to address 0x011DA9.

      You should be at "17" that's Alien Twilight's map pointer, basically tell us that this level uses an alternate pallete. So just overwrite that for "18" which is Windy City map, or whatever level you wish. But wait! we're not over yet.

      You got to replace the background colour too, so after that, go to 0x011E0F and then again you see there's "17" again, this one it's for Background pallete, which is separated from the level area. Change that for "18" and there you go! Obviously Alien Twilight will not use anymore the alternate pallete, but Windy City.

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    • Thanks :)

      I'm having a bit of trouble with assigning level names to levels. I want to give High Water Pass II The Pinnacle's name. I'm alright with actually renaming the level but i'm unsure about how the other part is layed out.

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    • Ugh...actually here it's where i start getting lost at level name edition -.-

      You see, right after that long list of level names there's another one, but it's for more complicated stuff like which Level uses numbers (I,II,III) and everything it's stored in this order:



      So, at your request, go to address 01A865 first. What really matters it's the "01 A8 12" it's the hex address of the level name, and you can see both Highwater Pass levels share the same "01 A8 12". The Pinnacle's hex address it's way too far from that, because that it's the first Secret level so it's located next to Plethora. So simply replace "01 A8 12" to "01 A5 0B".

      Look, I really apologize if this sounds confusing and poor explanation, sometimes this looks a little bit confusing to explain on easy words everyone could understand, at least in my case. But I try my best on helping, so please if you need more help, I can help ya via email.

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    • Right, I think I kinda understand. I'll just try and stay away from needing to do that :). Do you know if  there is a way I can add a murder wall to a level?

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    • Another easy thing to do, if you remember on XVI32, the woods theme value is "09 09" alright? Well at the first "09" change it to "89" that will enable Murder Wall on the level you're using. You can try it out on Blue Lake Woods I since it's a level where you shouldn't have any problem at all. This works on every theme, all you need to do it's change the first value (09) and add "8" so "89 09".

      I'm not sure if most people notice this but every Murder Wall level has 2 enemy types always, why? well because using three different enemy types on a Murder Wall level could give us these beautiful results:

      Murder Wall Hidden Canyon
      Apocalypse xD
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    • Thanks :)

      I having a spot of trouble with name alignment. No matter what value i put in the result is always the same. Any idea why this might be happening?
      Alien moors
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    • Okay, I know how fix this alignment issue, but first I need to know, which level you overwrite with "Alien Moors", it was Highwater Pass, Under Skull Mountain? :P

      Because usually the "I" numbers everytime mess up like that if you don't know what to do, if you check out tyadran's tutorial - it shows Name Alignment it's "02" value, but you can also put "12" so there should be "enough space" or whatever, to avoid that problem with "I" numbers.

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    • It was Hills of the Warror I. I've tried changing te alignment value but there is absolutly no change.

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    • Ugh...yes it works.

      Alright HotW1 address for allignment is exactly located at 0x01A899, It uses "2E" allignment value which it's kinda strange, since I never saw that one :P

      Like I said before, change "2E" with "12". I did a test run on that and it worked so you shouldn't have no problem.

      Alien Moors 000
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    • Oh, I think I was changing the wrong value :S Thanks for giving me the right adress :P

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    • You're welcome, and looks like you got already a couple of levels planned (and maybe finished?) of your mod, which looks awesome and it would be interesting see further progress :)

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    • Here is a ROM if you are interested:

      So far I have made Training of the Kid (Blue Lake Woods), The Dawn of Hell (High Water Pass), Hopping Skull Caves (Under Skull Mountain), Death's Pyramid (Isle of the Lion Lord) and Alien Moors I (Hills of the Warrior I). 

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    • Alright, I played the mod, so here are my comments:

      This mod it's really cool and actually decent, your enemies editions are very impressive, especially love the fact you used on many levels one of my fav enemies the Big Hopping Skull. Those guys are my favourites along with Spinning Twins and Ninjas >:D

      Level editing it's very cool also, but I'd to say, after Tranning the Kid then comes the real pain with hard levels XD

      There's also two points where i was forced to give up some levels and continue by other means because I had no idea how beat them, maybe those wasn't finished and i'm speaking too soon =/

      A) First was in "Hopping Skull Caves 2", I had no idea how get inside that Iron maze with dozen of lightspeed Ghost Blocks that instantly killed me as soon as I entered in that hole.

      HSM2 000

      B) I also had problems on "Alien Moore 1", I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the hidden walls but I cannot get out from the first area on the narrow tunnel =/

      Other than that, I really enjoy it, you did some tough challenging levels plus the custom enemy changes. Some levels are a pain like Hopping Skull Caves 3 or Death's Pyramid, however it's not that bad, I beat those on a few tries without loosing a bunch of continues.

      So far, you got such a good progress here, perhaps the only thing it needs is platforms edition and it will be ready :)

      BTW I found some funny stuff on Death's Pyramid XD

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    • Thanks for the feedback.

      In Hopping Skull Caves 2, the only way to get into the iron block maze is by having very precise timing, jumping and a lot of luck. (Just be careful you don't overshoot and run into the second ghost block.

      As for Alien Moors 1 you have to set off another chain before you set off the main chain else the wall at the begining of the level wont go away.

      1) Climb the stairs and don't touch the shooting blocks (Doing so will set off the main chain prematurely)


      2) Find a shooting block on the right hand side of the room. This will destroy a stone block which is blocking the main chain. (Make sure it is the right one)


      3) Find the shooting block at the top of the room and set it off


      4) The wall will be gone

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    • Uuuh I see.

      That hole is, without doubts, the only area I cannot beat there. You should have mastered micromax at 100% in order to get there :P

      So speaking of Alien Moore 1, I was just unable to find that shooting block at 3) which sets off the chain -.-

      Thanks for the tips!

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    • i'm going to give this a try tonight

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    • Hi guys, interested me a lot in making Kid Chameleon levels, and every day i learn a little bit with you forum, even though  a bit hard because i'm brasiliam. Finally, i have many doubts, however go parts, edited the level "Blue Lake Woods" and put blue dragons, however they are dying with 1 hit, wanted to know how chance it, knowing that the lives of dragons vary 1 - 3 hits, and it also chances the speed.

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    • When you go to edit individual enemies you will proably see something like 0D FF 00 00 04 A8 00 8F. It's set out as enemy type, respawn, diffucalty, x position and y position. So, 0D is the enemy type, FF is whether it respawns, 00 00 is the difficulty and 04 A8 00 8F is the position. To change the difficulty you will have to change the 00 00 to 00 01 or 00 02. The 

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    • It worked perfectly, thanks. I Wonder now how to add other enemies in "Ble Lake Woods" or this level only works with dragons? I was thinking of putting tanks, ( However i do not know the HEX decimal number that i use ).

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    • Yes, you can change the enemy types in any level. When you go to the top of the enemy information of a level, you will see that there are 2 or 3 slots for enemies. In Blue Lake Woods I there is only two. The first one is 00 0C, which means dragon with the 1st colour palette, and the second one is FF FF, which is empty. The reason for this is dragons take up two spaces (flying and walking). Tanks also take up 2 spaces and Lions take up 3. 

      So, to change the dragons to tanks you would change 00 0C to 00 0A. Then at the begenning of the information for each individual enemy, you change the enemy type. For example, 0D FF 00 00 04 A8 00 8F would change to 0A FF 00 00 04 A8 00 8F. 

      It is possible to add two enemy types to Blue Lake Woods I as long as you choose two enemies that take up one space. For this example, let's use Hopping Skulls (1D) and Mini Hopping Skulls (1C). You would change the first enemy slot from 00 0C to 00 1D. Then you would change the second slot from FF FF to 00 1C. Then, of course, you would change the individual enemy information accordingly.

      Here are the hex codes for each of the enemies:

      00 = Fire

      01 = Crystal

      03 = Alien

      04 = Armadillo

      05 = Tar Monstar

      06 = Ball

      07 = Archer

      08 = Orca

      09 = Crab 

      0A = Tank

      0B = Shooting Tank

      0C = Flying Dragon

      0D = Dragon

      0E - Cloud

      0F = UFO

      10 = Goat

      11 = Ninga

      12 = Lion

      13 = Scorpian

      14 = Twins

      16 = Drip

      17 = Hand

      18 = Tornado

      19 = Fire

      1A = Drill

      1B = Emo Rock

      1C = Mini Hopping Skull

      1D = Hopping Skull

      20 = Heady Metal

      21 = Boss' Eye

      22 = Shishkaboss

      23 = Boomerang Bosses

      24 = Bagel Brothers

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    • It Worked, Thanks again. Sorry for asking so many question, hope i'm not bothering you. to finish my doubts: the level "Blue Lake Woods 1" has four enimies ( 4 green dragons ), is i increase with value to 8 or more dragons?

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    • No problem.

      After the last enemy type slot there will be a cell before the individual enemy info starts, which in Blue Lake Woods reads "04" which means this level has 4 enemys. To increase/decrease the all y ou have to do is change this number and then add or remove enemy information from the end. However, the number must be in hex decimal number. For example "10" would not equal 10 enemies, it would equal 16 enemies because after 09, it obviasly goes 0A, 0B. etc. 

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    • Thanks man, how could i do to enimies so that they die, the be reborn? Example: 0A "FF" 00 00 XX YY. What should i do with FF?

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    • Is has been a while but if I believe that is the so called flag FF will kill it permanently, 01 might be re-spawn, there are also enemies with 00 something you have to try out to find out.

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    • thanks man, i will test here.

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    • Just thought I'd let you all know. That mod I was working on, I've started working on it again under the name Kid Chameleon: Appson Aid and have made a thread of the forum about it. I've put a download link on there and if you've got any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them.

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    • There was actually a lot of discussion about your mod earlier today. Once I get some other things done I'm going to post my own thoughts on your page.

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