Tornado is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.

Description Edit

It looks somewhat similar to Cyclone but comes with a different head and in the colours gray and pink.

Behaviour Edit

The Tornado flies in a sine wave like pattern in a direction for a set time and then turns around to fly in the other direction for the same time. When he hits a wall he will bump against it, until the moment to turn comes. The time period for the gray tornado is around 8 seconds, while the one for the pink tornado is nearly 6 seconds.

Attack Edit

It might not appear so, but this enemy does not react to Kid Chameleon. But simply the circumstance that this enemy appears in surroundings where it is hard to maneuver (especially in Cyclone levels), make it quite annoying.

Protocol Edit

Luckily, all versions of the Tornado die in one hit. Cyclone is the only one who can attack him in an additional way: Bumping into the tornado while spinning kills him, as long as Cyclone has a higher position at the moment of collision.

Habitat Edit

Tornados are encountered in the following levels:

Tornado-1 Tornado-2 Tornado-3
Elsewhere 8 Skydragon Castle 1 Never used in game!
Elsewhere 30
Sinister Sewers
Skydragon Castle 2
The Deadly Skyscrapers