These are all of Tyadran's current and past projects.

NOTE: Edit

All projects on this page are in .ips format and must be patched into the original game to play. Please remember to backup your game before doing any type of patching whatsoever.

Completed Edit

Projects in the Completed section have been finished and can be played in their final form.

Blue Lmao Woods Edit

Blue Lmao Woods
Blue Lmao Woods 000
Author editor: Tyadran
Current version: 1.0
Difficulty (1/10): 8
Time spent: N/A Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: [1]
Stage 1
Map:0x4A Red XN Map:0x4B N/A Map:0x2D N/A
Map:0x2E N/A Map:0x01 N/A Map:0x61 N/A
Map:0x00 N/A Map:0x02 N/A Map:0x5E N/A
Map:0x0E N/A Map:0x54 N/A Map:0x56 N/A
Map:0x18 N/A Map:0x5F N/A Map:0x1D N/A
Map:0x3D N/A Map:0x37 N/A Map:0x60 N/A
Map:0x2C N/A Map:0x2B N/A Map:0x55 N/A
Map:0x30 N/A Map:0x13 N/A
Stage 2
Map:0x4C N/A Map:0x49 N/A Map:0x5D N/A
Map:0x14 N/A Map:0x16 N/A Map:0x62 N/A
Map:0x32 N/A Map:0x0F N/A Map:0x0B N/A
Map:0x0C N/A Map:0x3F N/A Map:0x64 N/A
Map:0x40 N/A Map:0x34 N/A Map:0x67 N/A
Map:0x1C N/A Map:0x47 N/A Map:0x03 N/A
Map:0x75 N/A Map:0x27 N/A Map:0x21 N/A
Map:0x0D N/A Map:0x6E N/A Map:0x6C N/A
Stage 3
Map:0x4F N/A Map:0x4D N/A Map:0x19 N/A
Map:0x66 N/A Map:0x53 N/A Map:0x6D N/A
Map:0x04 N/A Map:0x0A N/A Map:0x68 N/A
Map:0x5C N/A Map:0x25 N/A Map:0x26 N/A
Map:0x6F N/A Map:0x35 N/A Map:0x3E N/A
Map:0x36 N/A Map:0x78 N/A Map:0x15 N/A
Map:0x70 N/A Map:0x2F N/A Map:0x31 N/A
Map:0x77 N/A Map:0x74 N/A
Stage 4
Map:0x3B N/A Map:0x63 N/A Map:0x69 N/A
Map:0x12 N/A Map:0x5A N/A Map:0x65 N/A
Map:0x22 N/A Map:0x6B N/A Map:0x41 N/A
Map:0x71 N/A Map:0x17 N/A Map:0x6A N/A
Map:0x33 N/A Map:0x08 N/A Map:0x4E N/A
Map:0x58 N/A Map:0x7D N/A Map:0x11 N/A
Map:0x7C N/A Map:0x7A N/A Map:0x3A N/A
Map:0x57 N/A Map:0x10 N/A Map:0x59 N/A
Map:0x7B N/A Map:0x39 N/A Map:0x79 N/A
Map:0x72 N/A Map:0x38 N/A Map:0x73 N/A
Map:0x3C N/A Map:0x76 N/A Map:0x05 N/A

A one-level joke project made for and based off of a joke by Haagnus. WARNING: This level is impossible unless you find the secret solution. Don't get mad at me if you can't manage it. :)


Reviews Edit

Haagnus First it was quite funny, but after using my first continue i couldn't laugh anymore XD. If you are one of the old folks that can handle difficult maps, then this is something for you. Rating (7/10) on Version (1.0) --Haagnus (talk) 10:25, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

Abandoned Edit

Projects in the Abandoned section are cancelled but kept available in their final state for posterity.

Kid Chameleon 2 Edit

Kid Chameleon 2
Kid Chameleon 2 Screenie
Author editor: Tyadran
Current version: 1.3 - 6/27/2013
Difficulty (1/10): 6-7
Time spent: 38:16+ Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: [2]
Stage 1
Map:0x4A Red XN Map:0x4B Red XN Map:0x2D Red XN
Map:0x2E Red XN Map:0x01 Red XN Map:0x61 Red XN
Map:0x00 Red XN Map:0x02 Red XN Map:0x5E Red XN
Map:0x0E Red XN Map:0x54 Red XN Map:0x56 Red XN
Map:0x18 Red XN Map:0x5F Red XN Map:0x1D Red XN
Map:0x3D Red XN Map:0x37 Red XN Map:0x60 Red XN
Map:0x2C Red XN Map:0x2B Red XN Map:0x55 Red XN
Map:0x30 Red XN Map:0x13 Red XN
Stage 2
Map:0x4C Red XN Map:0x49 Red XN Map:0x5D Red XN
Map:0x14 Red XN Map:0x16 Red XN Map:0x62 Red XN
Map:0x32 Red XN Map:0x0F Red XN Map:0x0B Red XN
Map:0x0C Red XN Map:0x3F Red XN Map:0x64 Red XN
Map:0x40 Red XN Map:0x34 Red XN Map:0x67 Red XN
Map:0x1C Red XN Map:0x47 Red XN Map:0x03 Red XN
Map:0x75 Red XN Map:0x27 Red XN Map:0x21 Red XN
Map:0x0D Red XN Map:0x6E Red XN Map:0x6C Red XN
Stage 3
Map:0x4F Red XN Map:0x4D Red XN Map:0x19 Red XN
Map:0x66 Red XN Map:0x53 Red XN Map:0x6D Red XN
Map:0x04 Red XN Map:0x0A Red XN Map:0x68 Red XN
Map:0x5C Red XN Map:0x25 Red XN Map:0x26 Red XN
Map:0x6F Red XN Map:0x35 Red XN Map:0x3E Red XN
Map:0x36 Red XN Map:0x78 Red XN Map:0x15 Red XN
Map:0x70 Red XN Map:0x2F Red XN Map:0x31 Red XN
Map:0x77 Red XN Map:0x74 Red XN
Stage 4
Map:0x3B Red XN Map:0x63 Red XN Map:0x69 Red XN
Map:0x12 Red XN Map:0x5A Red XN Map:0x65 Red XN
Map:0x22 Red XN Map:0x6B Red XN Map:0x41 Red XN
Map:0x71 Red XN Map:0x17 Red XN Map:0x6A Red XN
Map:0x33 Red XN Map:0x08 Red XN Map:0x4E Red XN
Map:0x58 Red XN Map:0x7D Red XN Map:0x11 Red XN
Map:0x7C Red XN Map:0x7A Red XN Map:0x3A Red XN
Map:0x57 Red XN Map:0x10 Red XN Map:0x59 Red XN
Map:0x7B Red XN Map:0x39 Red XN Map:0x79 Red XN
Map:0x72 Red XN Map:0x38 Red XN Map:0x73 Red XN
Map:0x3C Red XN Map:0x76 Red XN Map:0x05 Red XN

This project is an attempt to replace every single level in Kid Chameleon with new maps. Try it and enjoy - this project will be the most receptive to feedback of my projects.

Current - July 25, 2013

Reviews Edit

Gameplay This is an real difficult ROM, tricky jumping, hidden passage, bottomless pits, spike pits it's a nightmare XD. Playing this ROM for the second time and it's still eating my life's :p

Visual The editing that has been done here is amazing, i can see there's put a lot of effort in these levels. For example Highwater Pass 1 was unrecognizable for me, even despite the enemies that are still in the same place. Rating (9/10) on Version (1.3) --Haagnus (talk) 18:53, July 2, 2013 (UTC)


Gameplay The difficulty level is much lower than that of Kid Chameleon X. Many levels require precise timing and intelligent decisions. Items are fairly balanced (lives, helmets, etc), albeit much harder to come by convienently as the game progresses.

Visual The levels are extremely similar to their Kid Chameleon counterparts as far as level shape, enemy placement, background... However, functionally, the levels have a completely different layout of items and paths. It is well-thought out, well-pieced together and masterfully crafted as a new entity of it's own. One drawback is slight visual glitches when obtaining helmets, but the minor problems do not affect gameplay. Great project, clearly has been worked on for some amount of time. Solid overall.

Rating (8/10) on Version (1.3) --JaredBrown23 (talk) 05:52 September 2, 2013 (UTC)


Gameplay The Murder Wall Elsewhere is downright sadistic!  Cruel enough to have come from the original game...  We are all so used to the original levels that we forget how dirty they are the first playthrough.

Visual Very attractive levels that provide a seamless look for these.  One could mistakenly think that Highwater Pass 1 was based on the Pinnacle.   Overall, beautiful.

Rating (9/10)

Current Edit

Projects in the Current section are in-progress and can be played in their current states.

Kid Chameleon X Edit

Kid Chameleon X Edit

Kid Chameleon X
Kid Chameleon X Promo

Kid Chameleon X: You've never seen Kid Chameleon like this before.

Author editor: Tyadran
Current version: 2.2.1
Difficulty (1/10): 8-9
Time spent: 133:04+ Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Elsewheres: Show maps
Download: 12/30/2017
Stage 1
Shadowrealm Red XN Crossing the Threshold Red XN Cryptic Dungeons 1 Red XN
Cryptic Dungeons 2 Red XN Castaway Cove 1 Red XN Castaway Cove 2 Red XN
Freaky Tikis 1 Red XN Rush Hour Red XN Silver City Red XN
Twelve Tasks of Hercules Red XN Gearheart Red XN Freaky Tikis 2 Red XN
Stage 2
Mirage Shadowrealm Red XN Yggdrasil Red XN Elvin Forest Red XN Red XN
Dank Bays 1 Red XN Dank Bays 2 Red XN Refuge Red XN
Forest of Woe 1 Red XN Forest of Woe 2 Red XN Hidden Marsh Red XN
Mystic Garden Red XN Hypetechnical Zoo Red XN The Frozen Wastes Red XN
Frostbite Red XN Ice Flow Red XN
Stage 3
Storm Shadowrealm Red XN Dune Sea 1 Red XN Dune Sea 2 Red XN
The Curse of Ra Red XN Mount of Lost Hope Red XN Ascension Red XN
Winter Storm Red XN The Frosted Lands Red XN Blade Mountains 1 Red XN
Blade Mountains 2 Red XN Cloud Empire Red XN Sky City Red XN
Covenant Relics 1 Red XN Covenant Relics 2 Red XN Dune Sea 3 Red XN
Stage 4
Dread Shadowrealm Red XN Blackland Fall 1 Red XN Blackland Fall 2 Red XN
Crimson Citadel Red XN Retribution Hall Red XN Descent Red XN
Abomination Red XN The Sword of Damocles Red XN Bastion of Solitude 1 Red XN
Bastion of Solitude 2 Red XN Bastion of Solitude 3 Red XN The Trial of Heroes Red XN
Labyrinth of Misery 1 Red XN Labyrinth of Misery 2 Red XN Labyrinth of Misery 3 Red XN
Stage 1 Elsewheres 10 01 Red XN 02 Red XN
03 Red XN 04 Red XN 05 Red XN
06 Red XN 07 Red XN Red XN 08 Red XN
09 Red XN 10 Red XN
Stage 2 Elsewheres 6 11 Red XN 12 Red XN
13 Red XN 14 Red XN 15 Red XN
16 Red XN
Stage 3 Elsewheres 7 17 Red XN 18 Red XN
19 Red XN 20 Red XN 21 Red XN
22 Red XN 23 Red XN
Stage 4 Elsewheres 7 24 Red XN 25 Red XN
26 Red XN 27 Red XN 28 Red XN
29 Red XN 30 Red XN

Kid Chameleon X hopes to create all-new Kid Chameleon levels with new names and level paths, levels like Dune Sea and Bastion of Solitude. In an ideal world, there would also be graphical changes to many of the transformations.

Special thanks to Skarloey100 for his help on Version 2.1.1 and above for the enemies, platforms, and Murder Walls!

Special thanks to Haagnus for the silver Dragon palette and for the entire ROM Address page!

Current July 21, 2014

Old VersionsEdit

7/25/2013: Version 0.1

8/11/2013: Version 1.0

10/9/2013: Version 2.0

10/13/2013: Version 2.1

10/20/2013: Version 2.1.1

11/2/2013: Version 2.1.2

12/11/2013: Version 2.2.0

1/3/2014: Version 2.2.1



Color Change: KCX Color Redux.ips

^ Patch onto KCX to get some alternate colors. MIGHT work on regular KC, has not been tested.


Version 2.2.1Edit

  • The level 'Absolute Zero' is mistakenly titled 'Curse of Ra'.

Planned Edit

Projects in the Planned section have not been begun and cannot be played yet.

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