Under Skull Mountain 2 is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Under Skull Mountain 2
Sources: Under Skull Mountain 1
Exits: Under Skull Mountain 3, Elsewhere 2
Theme: Cave
Helmets: Juggernaut Helmet(2) Micromax Helmet(1)
Prizes: Cave Ankh(1) Cave Clock(5) Cave Diamond(16)
Enemies: Crystal-1(14) Mini-Hopping-Skull-1(8)
Speed Bonus: 26 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: Lava Geysers, Lava Fireballs
Map data
Level Nr: 0x05
Map Nr: 0x00
Map Theme: 0x8
Level Size X: 06 screens
Level Size Y: 04 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares


If you wish to skip this level, do not put on the Juggernaut helmet, or open a way for him downstairs to get the teleporter in the chamber below and go to Elsewhere 2.

On the other hand, if you want to go for the flag, put on the skull helmet and let's get rolling. The level is divided in two halves, upstairs and downstairs. Unfortunately, there are no Juggernaut spares anywhere in the level (other than the basically useless one at the beginning), thus starting a frustrating tradition of not letting you enjoy the tank ride for too long. Just go to the left end of the level, drop to the lower level and go right, killing the Crystals along the way and timing your jumps across the lava geysers. Touch the flag for Under Skull Mountain 3.


After you complete the upstairs path, you can cross through the ghost block bridge to a secret room within the left wall. There's a few hidden prizes there, but if you're not driving a tank in the moment, then you'll fall through a narrow gap to a deeper chamber. There you'll find Micromax.

On your way from the top level to the bottom, stick to the right and locate a small crawlspace between a steel block and a rock block, right above an evanescent bridge. Juggernaut , Micromax and Cyclone are the only transformations able to reach this secret. You'll be able to complete the level through a secret series of rooms above the normal path. The last chamber hides a secret gap on the floor, under two prize blocks containing clocks. There is also an ankh in this room.


  • This level marks the first appearance of Juggernaut and Micromax (the latter being hidden in a secret block). You also encounter the Mini Hopping Skull here the first time.
  • Hazards first encountered here include Lava Geysers, and the only appearance of the Lava Fireball.
  • There is a Mini Hopping Skull positioned to fall in the upper-left corner of the map. The only problem is that there's a wall going all the way up to the top of the screen, where there's absolutely no room for it to fall. What happens is that it will appear and start to flash, as it will continuously jump between the top blocks and the off-screen region. If you are positioned to the right of the Mini Hopping Skull, he will slowly but surely free himself and jump after you as normal.

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