• Saxman727

    Awesome TAS Video

    May 4, 2010 by Saxman727

    This is a TAS recording of my puzzle map from emusega!

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  • Saxman727

    Stage 5 Project

    March 29, 2010 by Saxman727

    I've been pondering the possibility of doing a fifth stage for Kid Chameleon to add an extra 25 levels to the game since there are enough empty map slots in the ROM to support it. I have done a little test run over the past couple of days with my KC level editor, and here's a map I came up with:

    To run the new map, use the PAR codes 100000:006A and 10016E:45FF. Do a soft reset after enabling these codes and when you go to begin the game, it should take you to the brand new map I created.

    It's mostly complete, aside from a few minor details (like detailing the rocks.) I am curious what you think of the difficulty, how you like the design, and so on. This is just one map I'm considering …

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