I'm going to be playing Kid Chameleon alot more now in hopes of getting the Speed Bonus in every level achievable,then posting my record here (obviously I am Not a pro,but whatever,and also not down to the milisecond)

Characters listed on each level are characters that have been used the most throughout the run)

3 MINUTES TO WIN IT CHALLENGE! (make it to atleast Under Skull Mountain I in a span of 3 minutes using FLAGS ONLY!!!): Completed.

Blue Lake Woods I:00:18 (Kid)

Blue Lake Woods II:00:20 (Kid)

Highwater Pass I:00:55 (Iron Knight)

Highwater Pass II:

Under Skull Mountain III:00:46 (Cyclone)

Isle of the Lion Lord: 00:05 (Cyclone)

Hills of the Warrior l: 

Hills of the Warrior ll:

Windy City: 00:38 (Red Stealth)

Sinister Sewers: 00:38 (Mini-Max)

The Crystal Crags I: 00:51 (Mini-Max)

The Crystal Crags ll: 00:25 (Red Stealth)

DragonSpike: 00:32 (Berserker)

Stormwalk Mountain: 00:30 (Berserker)

ShishkaBoss: 01:24 (Maniaxe)

The Whispering Woods I: 

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