WinSlinator,I challenge you to a battle with hell itself aka what i consider to be the HARDEST route possibly taken by any Kid Chameleon Player

Prove Your Worth (P.S. Your Awsome) 

Complete Stages/Elsewheres connecting to/leading to the next in this hellish order:

Flag every level up to Dragonspike

The Pinnacle 

Hidden Canyon

Stormwalk Mountain

Continue flagging levels till Devil's Marsh 

The Caged Beasts

Elsewhere 6

Devil's Marsh II

Flag levels till Pyramids of Peril 

(You aren't allowed to take Elsewhere 8)

Madmaze Mountain

The Forbidden Tombs 

Stairway To Oblivion

The Deadly Skyscraper  

Flag all levels until Blizzard Mountain 

Frosty Doom

Bloody Swamp (OH GOD!!! P.S. no taking Elsewhere 15 on Frosty Doom) 

The Nightmare Peaks 

Flag levels up till Diamond Edge (You should probably use a walkthrough to figure out which teleporter goes where)

Elsewhere 17

Elsewhere 18

Scorpion Isle

The Hills Have Eyes

Elsewhere 22

Alien Twilight

Secrets In The Rock

Elsewhere 23

Tunnels Beneath the Woods 

Hills of Forever

Monster Island

Ice God's Vengance

Beneath the Twisted Hills

Elsewhere 27

The Shimmering Caves

Elsewhere 29

Alien Isle

The Land Below 

Elsewhere 30 

Sky Fortress

The Final Marathon


So,Winslinator,are you up for the challenge?

get your masks and strap in!

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