Wind Castles 1
Sources: Lion's Den
Exits: Wind Castles 2, Elsewhere 14
Theme: Sky
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(4) Cyclone Helmet(12) Maniaxe Helmet(2) Red Stealth Helmet(4)
Prizes: Sky Ankh(2) Sky Clock(8) Sky Coin(4) Sky Diamond(23) Sky 10Diamonds(5)
Enemies: Archer-2(12) Cloud-2(19) Crystal-2(7)
Speed Bonus: 50 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x24
Map Nr: 0x25
Map Theme: 0x1
Level Size X: 6 screens
Level Size Y: 5 screens
Grid Size: 8400 squares

Wind Castles 1 is a Sky themed level in Kid Chameleon.


There are many different helmets scattered throughout this level, but by far the easiest way to get out of this living hell is Cyclone. First take a helmet out of the first set of blocks. Choosable are Maniaxe, EyeClops, and, which is recommended, Red Stealth. Jump two islands to the left, but be aware of the missing level bottom. The cave below the second island to the left holds a hidden Cyclone helmet. Now, just fly up, up, up, try to dodge the clouds as good as possible, and find the flag in the top center of the level.


  • There are some hidden goodies scattered throughout the level, but you always have to ask yourself whether they're worth it. At the top right edge of the level are three prize blocks, only reachable with Cyclone, of which one contains an extra life. The flying island below has a coin and an ankh hidden in two prize blocks on its very far right.

Trivia Edit

  • This level gives the player an insane number of clocks - a total of eight, which ties The Nightmare Peaks 2 for the largest number of unique clocks.
  • There are more Cyclone helmets in this level than any other, a total of 12.
  • This level is also in fierce contention with Woods of Despair 1 for the esteemed title of offering the most potential lives to the player:
    • Both share the title for most coins, which is four.
    • When calculating the raw number of lives (1 life per Ankh, 3 per coin), Wind Castles I wins 14-13.
    • However, when factoring in the fact that every 50 diamonds could equal an extra life (due to Maniaxe's diamond power), Wind Castles I actually loses by the tightest of margins 15.46-15.52!

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